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Who is Karl Allred?

I feel it is my duty as a father, a pops, a friend, and a patriot, to take a stand against the rising ideology of socialism. In my travels to places like Russia, Hungary, and China, I have seen firsthand how the people suffer under a socialist regime, and I do not want that for my family or friends. I believe that the Constitution is a God-inspired document meant to secure our liberties and to restrain the government. I am running for the office of Representative for House District 19, to take a stand, to fight for Liberty, and to make sure that my kids know that I did not remain silent. please join me in the fight by voting Karl Allred for House District 19.




Allen Jaggi

Past Legislator in HD 19

“Karl Allred has been very active in politics and his guide has been the Republican platform. Most legislators and candidates always say things they hope will get them elected without really following the Republican platform. Karl can be counted on to always stand for Republican principles.

He was very good to work with while I was serving in the legislature helping me to stay informed of Uinta County’s concerns and needs. I wholly support Karl Allred to be the best person to work for Uinta County and our state as the house district # 19 legislator in the Wyoming Legislature.”

Marti Halverson


“Wyoming Right to Life is proud and excited
to endorse Karl Allred for House District 19.
As the President of Wyoming Right to Life,
I urge voters to back Karl for this seat. His
support of our Republican Party Platform
which advocates for Life, Liberty and
Property above all other planks, earns Karl
Allred the strongest endorsement.”